New Shop!!!!!!

Hey everyone!! I’m excited to announce that I’ve opened a shop at where you can find some nice products (T-shirts, mugs, etc.)!

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 4.46.42 PM

The CHILL Beanie is one of my faves because having panic disorder/anxiety, I’ve been told to chill many times which obviously doesn’t work, therefore I find it funny and ironic, yet it still makes for a cute beanie!

I love the “Always Remember the Journey” shirts because it is a reminder that it is the journey that got you to where you are and to never forget where you came from and what you have accomplished!

The caffeine mug I find relatable since everyone is always so busy, many of us need caffeine to function! Unfortunately, I cannot have much caffeine anymore since it worsens my anxiety, but I still thought it made for a cute mug ❤

The lipstick mugs and t-shirts obviously came from my love for makeup especially lipstick!

I will still be adding more products in the future so definitely keep an eye out for them! Once again you can find my shop at and thank you to everyone who has supported me in my journey 🙂



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