Snowpocalypse 2016 + Sephora Giveaway

IMG_7630I may have not said this before, but I do live on the East Coast of the US and go to school in one of the areas that got hit by the recent snowstorm! We didn’t have class Friday or Monday and where I was, we got about over a foot of snow, which is only a little bit compared to what some other places got!

I didn’t really blog this weekend because my laptop needs some repairs, and I couldn’t go out to repair it since everything was closed and I didn’t want to overuse it! But basically this weekend was just full of cabin fever and my roommate and I hated being inside and having nothing to do!!! I hate the cold, so I definitely wasn’t gonna play in the snow haha, so this pic was basically the only footage I got!!

My not repaired laptop was also the reason I couldn’t get up my Youtube videos this weekend, but don’t worry! I still uploaded a quick video announcing my Spreadshirt shop and my Facebook Page:, so go like me on there if you have a Facebook! I also announced that I created an Instagram where my username is: simplyonegirlsjourney, so follow me if you have an Instagram!

Finally, I also announced that I am doing a Sephora giveaway to celebrate me starting Simply One Girl’s Journey!! You need a Youtube account in order to join (which is FREE), and I am giving away a $35 E-Gift Card to Sephora for online shopping! There are 4 rules to join:

  1. Must live in the US
  2. Must be subscribed to my beauty channel:
  3. Must be subscribed to my other channel, Simply One Girl’s Journey: The link is in my about page or you can just search for it on there!
  4. Must comment on at least 1 of my videos on my Simply One Girl’s Journey Youtube channel

The giveaway ends on Valentine’s Day (February 14th) so you all should definitely join!!! Who wouldn’t want an extra $35 to spend at Sephora, especially if you’re a makeup lover like me???

Thank you guys for all of your support that you’ve given me so far and it really does mean a lot to me ❤






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