My New Apartment!

Ohh it is a new semester! And…I’m finally a Senior in College! Yes, I feel old. Anyways, I finally moved off campus, into my own place that isn’t a dorm! I absolutely love it. It feels much more homey and is still extremely close to my classes and where I work! I just wanted to … More My New Apartment!

How I Stay Fit

Anyone who knows me knows my one true love. Working Out. JK, Eating. From chocolate to french fries to pizza to spaghetti to fried chicken I’m really hungry….anyways, I love food! I’ve gone to buffets many times ever since I was a young child. I was that person that could get away with eating … More How I Stay Fit

“Who am I?”

“What do you consider your biggest accomplishment after leaving high school?” This is a question that I recently had to answer for an email media interview. For those of you who do not know me personally, I have been out of high school for about 3 years now. If you’re reading this and you are … More “Who am I?”