My New Apartment!

Ohh it is a new semester! And…I’m finally a Senior in College! Yes, I feel old. Anyways, I finally moved off campus, into my own place that isn’t a dorm! I absolutely love it. It feels much more homey and is still extremely close to my classes and where I work! I just wanted to … More My New Apartment!

Just the 2nd Choice

You know those random nights when you get “the feels”? You just start to think about a sad memory, then that leads to another memory, then to another, and another and you just end up feeling sad. Tonight is one of those nights for me… Many times in my life, I’ve felt like the 2nd choice. Note … More Just the 2nd Choice

My Panic Disorder

In my 1st post, I mentioned that I had panic and anxiety disorder. I wanted to talk more about it because one of my goals after being officially diagnosed by a psychiatrist (Spring of 2015) was to help spread awareness about mental illnesses and help end the stigma that surrounds them. I’ll probably go more … More My Panic Disorder